The Next Generation of Betsy Bars

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Dear Friends,

Betsy’s Best Bar None is now Betsy’s Bar None! For this relaunch we’ve shortened our name as well as our ingredient list, and the best part is that the ‘Bar None’ still says it all. Bar None is a vital part of our identity, and the gentlemen at Columbia River Correctional who coined the name did so for all the right reasons. Did you notice the triple entendre?

We are always looking for ways to improve our bars, and so we went to work last summer with the intention of further simplifying our recipe and sourcing as many of our ingredients from North America as possible. Our ingredients are now 95% regionally sourced and our carbon footprint is shrinking! We will continue looking for new ways to offer clean, sustainable, and locally sourced products down the line.

At long last, our new bars have begun gracing shelves near and far and will continue to spread in the coming weeks. We thank you all for your patience and support over these past few months as we’ve endeavored to make the ‘best bar’ even better yet!

We will be bringing you blog posts to highlight these changes, to introduce our suppliers, and to keep you up to date with all that we are working on, including our commitment to Restorative Justice and the Insight Prison Project.

With all the best,

Betsy Langton, CEO & Founder

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