Sourcing Locally: Beloved Bars Made Better with Local Partners   

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When Betsy decided to source her ingredients as locally as possible, she not only reduced her carbon footprint, she also learned of other benefits for her business, community and beyond. She was able to develop closer relationships with her suppliers, a more nutritious recipe, and more efficient production. With each bar produced and unwrapped, Betsy shows the world how beneficial (and practical!) sourcing locally can be.    

Better Ingredient Quality
“We get our hemp from Canada, and we source our dates from California. Dates are a natural sugar and supply minerals and vitamins,” Betsy explains. Sourcing ingredients from local suppliers ensures a fresher and therefore more nourishing product. Because the ingredients do not have to travel long distances, they can be manufactured in their freshest and most nutritious states.

Fresher ingredients also lead to better tasting products; a key attribute of Betsy’s newest bars. “We have flax meal that is ground from whole flax seeds that come from North Dakota, and they are full of omega-3 fatty acids. We also have Oregon grown pumpkin seeds, which is pretty fabulous. The sunflower seed butter we get from North Dakota as well. It offers a lot of vitamins and holds our product together, says Betsy.

“We have an abundance of ingredients growing in our backyards, and after the fun (but challenging) process of bringing them together we’ve been amazed by just how good these new bars taste.”

Closer Relationships with Suppliers
“As we grow we are able to get our ingredients directly from the manufacturer, so we have gotten to know our growers. It means a lot to me just to be able to call people. We truly have a relationship. We can count on our people.”

When Betsy originally sourced her ingredients from more foreign lands, she had no way of ensuring first-hand the quality of the products she was selling. By fostering close relationships with the folks behind the scenes, she can live by her business motto – “I would never sell anything that I wouldn’t eat myself.”

Reduced Carbon Footprint
“We decided we wanted to limit our carbon footprint by sourcing as many ingredients from the North American continent as we possibly could. Though it felt right, it has been difficult. But it was really the motivation to draw from sources closer to home that kept us focused.”

The average produce item travels 1,500 miles from farm to table, which generates significant packaging and travel pollution. By sourcing local ingredients, Betsy is promoting better air quality and reducing pollution by removing unnecessary travel and packaging. Though the overall environmental impact may not be significant, she is supporting a business model that will hopefully inspire others to act and create monumental change over time.

Of the many ways in which the Betsy’s Bar None rebrand is shaking things up, locally sourcing ingredients has proven to be a sustainable and beneficial business model that will sustain long-term business development. By putting in the extra effort, Betsy can confidently offer a better tasting product with minimal effects on the environment that sustains us.


Keep your eyes out for more info on our local partners soon!

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