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We’ve received several phone calls and emails in response to our new recipe. It’s been a long and challenging road to come up with an alternative to the original bar recipe, and we’ve decided to write about the changes we’ve made and the primary reasons for which we made them.

1. Our old recipe, though tasty, had some issues that were making production difficult and inconsistent. The abundance of oil-bearing seeds in the recipe caused a great deal of waste oil to be pressed out during the formation process, which was not only affecting our margin but also the accuracy of our nutrition panel since all of that healthy fat wasn’t making it into the final product. We needed to find a way to balance the recipe so that the oils would be better held in the bars. We did so by reducing the amount of oil-heavy ingredients by tweaking the ratio of the seeds we use to in the recipe and by adding more non-oil heavy ingredients.

2. The baking process we were using also posed some complications. We found that some batches were coming out of the oven abnormally dry and/or hard. While they still tasted good, we were not satisfied with the texture of the bars and did not feel comfortable selling them to customers. As a way to cut cost as well as offer a more consistent product, we decided to take the baking out of the process and offer an uncooked bar. No longer baking presented another challenge: keeping the ingredients bound together. We found our solution in adding dates to the mix, which not only serve as an effective binder but also provide all the sweetness we need. As a result, we were able to remove the coconut palm sugar and make our bars with no added sugar.

3. One of our primary goals is to source our ingredients as locally as possible. Out of this comes our commitment to maintaining close relationships with our suppliers, knowing exactly where the ingredients we use come from and how they are grown, and the effort to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing the distance our ingredients need to travel to get to us.

The revision of our recipe has been a challenge for us to stay true to our values and find a middle ground between sustainability, cost, nutrition, and a taste that customers will enjoy. While we believe we have made an amazing bar we recognize that our recipe is a constant work in progress and we may make more revisions in the future as new ideas and suggestions come up.

We hope our new recipe is one that will be accessible to an even greater number of people and one that our current customers will still enjoy. We hope you are willing to give these new bars a chance and welcome any ideas and constructive criticism you might have.

5 Comments on “New Recipe Notes”

  1. I really loved your old recipe as did several of my family members. I was SO disappointed in the new ones. Won’t buy the new recipe ones again, and I had been buying up to a dozen a week prior to the change (large family!) We are not really fond of the sticky texture. I liked the cookie-like consistency of the old recipe.

    1. Hi Morwenna,
      Thank you for your note. I appreciate that you loved the original recipe. I did too! Unfortunately the old recipe wasn’t sustainable. We lost hundreds of pounds of oil per production that had to be thrown out and the baking was inconsistent. Sometimes the bars were too dry for my taste.
      We also wanted to source as many of our ingredients as close to home as we could which supported some important decisions.
      I am not fond of the new texture either. That said, we have gone back to the drawing board for another iteration. I think we have finally found a happy medium that is sustainable. It has a texture not too far off from the original and we decided to go back to the 2 oz size which has bumped up the protein content.
      The latest iteration should be on the shelves by mid June.
      I do hope you will give us another try.
      Best health wishes to you and your family.


  2. I just discovered your bars. I’m guessing I had recipe 2.0 as it was bound together with dates. I love it! It’s the perfect bar for me! I love that there is limited cane sugar (I did get the dark chocolate chip flavor). This will be a great bar for eating in between dragon boat races! I love everything about what you are doing: local, sustainable, GF, vegan, Restorative Justice. Thank you so much for making the bar and making it even better! I will be buying more!

  3. While I understand that changes needs to be made, I SO miss the old recipe. The flavors are totally different, as is the texture. I am appreciative of the anise flavor that I haven’t seen before.

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