It Takes a Village to Raise the Bars

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During the past month, we have had the incredible opportunity to visit some of the suppliers and farmers who make Bar None Food possible. We love making and sharing Betsy’s Bar None bars, but we couldn’t do it without the help of those who grow the ingredients, package the bars and sell them to customers. The experience of meeting our local partners sparked an important conversation about the community surrounding our family business. That is why we are launching a blog series called “It Takes a Village to Raise the Bars.”

We want to feature the people who work behind the scenes and highlight the work they do to pioneer sustainable agriculture and ethical business practices. Together we aim to raise the bar for quality snacks and, through our partnership with the Insight Prison Project, lift barriers to achieving widespread restorative justice. Come along with us on this journey and discover the many stories that make Betsy Bars what they are.

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