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Miller Family Farm

Located three and a half hours west of Fargo in Denhoff, North Dakota the Miller Family Farm has been operating for six generations, and they have been cultivating flaxseed since the turn of the century. Their brand “Premium Gold Flax” refers to the golden omega variety that they grow, which is known for its mild flavor. All of our flax meal comes from Premium Gold Flax and we are grateful to be able to get it directly from the source!

The Millers share our belief that people should know where their food comes from, as well as our value for clean, healthy food. Premium Gold facilities are certified Organic as well as allergen-free, which means they do not process any corn, dairy, soy, peanuts, or tree nuts. Their products are non-GMO and do not contain additives or preservatives. The Premium Gold motto is “If this flaxseed is not on our table, it will not be on yours.”

We recently had the chance to visit the Miller Family Farm and enjoyed meeting Randy Miller and his team on a chilly 18-degree day. Compared to the varied landscape of Oregon, we were amazed by the vast expanse of farmland that we could see for miles in all directions. Having arrived during the winter months much of the land was barren, but we hope to visit again in the summer when the flax blossoms into beautiful blue-purple flowers. We want to thank the entire team at Premium Gold for the tour of their facilities and for helping us make our bars the best they can be.

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It Takes a Village: Ingredient Profiles

Flax flower image courtesy of Premium Gold Flax


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