It Takes a Village: Behind The Scenes Partner Profiles

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As with any grand undertaking, Bar None Foods wouldn’t be here without the people who work with us behind the scenes to make our products a reality. We are grateful to these companies and individuals who are involved in manufacturing, packaging, designing, and marketing our products and would like to offer a humble mention for them below.

Bake Works Inc.

The folks at Bake Works have been with us since we transitioned out of our “rented commercial kitchen” phase and into co-packing in 2013. Over the years they have participated in the evolution of our recipe – complete with plenty of growing pains – and with their help we are able to offer the amazing bars we have today. We appreciate their continued support and patience and are grateful to have them be a part of our mission. Below are some of the core members of the awesome production team who bring our Real Food Bars to life. Thank you!

Label Technology:

With every bar comes a package, and with that it’s brand awareness and safety. The folks at Label Technology have been supplying us with our beautiful packaging for several years, and they have helped us source the packaging that offers the best protective barriers to allow a full year of shelf life.

We recently took a trip to Merced to meet the owners and tour the facility, and it was fascinating to see our own labels in the printing process! We are grateful for the role they play in ensuring our bars are safe and beautifully presented.

Allen Hall Public Relations:

Undergoing a full brand relaunch can be a daunting task. With our loyal customer base, it was important to approach the re-brand thoughtfully, and with as much transparency and accessibility as possible. With this in mind we reached out to Allen Hall Public Relations, a student-run public relations firm at the University of Oregon, to bring in an outside perspective on communication strategies. From media pitches to blog posts to social media, the Betsy’s Bar None team worked closely with Betsy through the months leading up to and following the re-launch of the new recipe. Meet the team! 

From left to right:

Rachel Hanks studies public relations and business at the University of Oregon. Through Allen Hall Public Relations, she has gained hands-on experience in the PR field and has the opportunity to implement skills such as social media management and client relations. She enjoys working with Betsy because she’s passionate about the food and beverage industry!

Grace Hashiguchi, account supervisor for the team, also studies PR and has a passion for corporate social responsibility work. She believes that authentic brand storytelling can not only make a difference for a company, it can also make a positive impact on society.     

Natalie Engler is an account executive studying public relations and business at the University of Oregon. She loves agency work and wanted to continue expanding her skills in media relations. For Natalie, working with Betsy’s Bar None has been an incredible learning experience and she is so glad to have been a part of launching the company’s re-brand.

Sydney Padgett studies journalism and Spanish at the University of Oregon. “Working with Betsy has been an absolute joy,” said Sydney. She enjoys learning about and building the brand by writing blog posts and creating graphics for social media.

Jillian Niedermeyer is an account executive studying PR. Through this experience, she has gained expertise in creating content for social media and blogging. Jill reflected, “I have loved learning about Betsy and her business and working hand-and-hand to promote her re-brand.”

Thank you again to everyone who has helped us make it this far!

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