It Takes a Village: Ingredient Profiles

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Three Reasons to Eat Flax Seeds Used as a food source around the world for almost 6,000 years, flax seeds have an incredible history as one of the world’s first cultivated superfoods. It is thought that these nutritious seeds were cultivated in Babylon as early as 3000 B.C. King Charlemagne passed laws requiring his subjects to consume flax seeds because … Read More

It Takes a Village: Supplier Profiles

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  Miller Family Farm Located three and a half hours west of Fargo in Denhoff, North Dakota the Miller Family Farm has been operating for six generations, and they have been cultivating flaxseed since the turn of the century. Their brand “Premium Gold Flax” refers to the golden omega variety that they grow, which is known for its mild flavor. … Read More

It Takes a Village to Raise the Bars

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During the past month, we have had the incredible opportunity to visit some of the suppliers and farmers who make Bar None Food possible. We love making and sharing Betsy’s Bar None bars, but we couldn’t do it without the help of those who grow the ingredients, package the bars and sell them to customers. The experience of meeting our … Read More

New Recipe Notes

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We’ve received several phone calls and emails in response to our new recipe. It’s been a long and challenging road to come up with an alternative to the original bar recipe, and we’ve decided to write about the changes we’ve made and the primary reasons for which we made them. 1. Our old recipe, though tasty, had some issues that … Read More

Sourcing Locally: Beloved Bars Made Better with Local Partners   

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When Betsy decided to source her ingredients as locally as possible, she not only reduced her carbon footprint, she also learned of other benefits for her business, community and beyond. She was able to develop closer relationships with her suppliers, a more nutritious recipe, and more efficient production. With each bar produced and unwrapped, Betsy shows the world how beneficial … Read More

The Next Generation of Betsy Bars

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  Dear Friends, Betsy’s Best Bar None is now Betsy’s Bar None! For this relaunch we’ve shortened our name as well as our ingredient list, and the best part is that the ‘Bar None’ still says it all. Bar None is a vital part of our identity, and the gentlemen at Columbia River Correctional who coined the name did so … Read More

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