Our Mission:

Bar None Foods was founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon with the goal of offering clean, wholesome food products that are safe for people with food allergies.

We source our ingredients locally or regionally whenever possible to support local business and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Products:

Our products cater to those who value clean food, those looking for sustaining and well-rounded nutrition, and those seeking tasty allergen-free alternatives.

Our “Real Food” bars share a simple base recipe of organic seeds and dates with flavorings including cacao, herbs, spices, and essential oils.

A Brief History:

Owner and founder Betsy Langton was inspired to start her own small business after completing an internship with the Oregon Department of Corrections. During this experience she learned that a person should not be defined by the worst mistakes they’ve made. This led to her inquiry into the Restorative Justice movement and how she could contribute to its application within the prison system.

What is Restorative Justice?

The Restorative Justice process brings together victim, offender, and the community to promote healing and encourage reconciliation. Providing opportunities for dialogue, negotiation, and understanding can lead to a renewed sense of community and closure for all those involved.

Bar None Foods supports the Insight Prison Project (IPP) and their mission to transform the lives of those impacted by crime and incarceration. We donate a percentage of our profit to the IPP and hope to bring more awareness to the concept of Restorative Justice.

Betsy Langton - Founder and Owner of Betsy’s Real Food

Betsy Langton – Founder and Owner